The ‘Why’ of Work (part 1)

In light of my previous two posts regarding Connectedness I am going to continue with three major aspects of Connectedness.  In the last ten years or so I have been searching and have found three areas of life, and specifically business, that guide further inquiry: Why?  How?  Who?.

I believe that in whatever we do, and especially work, their is great reward in following your passion and connecting the ‘why’ of work to a greater purpose.  I have therefore jumped at every consecutive opportunity I could get to figure out what I am best for the world at.

The ‘why’ of work has guided me on a quest for more, not more stuff, but more life.  My journey has led me to foreign countries, to disappointment, pain and suffering but at no time have I had any regret because what I have also discovered is myself.  I have seen many people go through their whole life and not have the experience and the privilege that I have had.  I have also remained true to my family and in any choice if it leads to less intimacy with my wife and son it is not a good choice.  This is in fact also very much part of Connectedness.

I have been working for myself or other people from a young age and I have been privileged to be raised on two continents and in three countries.  This has fueled my ability to see the world as connected, rather than separated.  In every opportunity I have been part of an organisation or business I have consistently looked for ways to improve myself as well as the organisation – this has led to some conflict.  …It is easier to make it in this world than it is to change it.

When I was younger I simply grabbed hold of every opportunity and do my best.  But as I grew older I seriously started asking at what can I be best?  What are my talents?  Where can I contribute?  At what can I succeed?  I experienced glimpses of flow or engagement which also led me to start writing this blog.  Yet, with every new opportunity I grew faster and many times have outgrown my job within two years or so.  What I have experienced is that with every opportunity I can more clearly identify what I am good at. This normally means that I start longing for the next opportunity to develop.  Learning to be patient is very important.

The most important thing however is that I believe in continuous improvement and moving towards a greater purpose for work – the ‘why’ of work.  Perhaps you don’t have it today but I believe that improvement is possible.  Yes the bills have to be paid, but that can’t be why you work.  If it is I seriously ask you today to consider your purpose and the meaning behind your work.

“Don’t ask what the world needs.  Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman

…And being alive is Connectedness