What’s the Focus?

road-nature-hand-path-mediumI’d like to pause for a moment and refocus your attention on the focus of  Survive to Alive.  The main purpose behind the blog is to serve you, the reader, that is interested to learn and grow on a personal level and therefore move from just surviving to living.  Perhaps you are already living the life you intend but need some insights into the changing world and the opportunities for sustaining the life you have created – read on!

If you feel you do not need insights, paradigm shifts or growth, you won’t find much value here.  But if you are looking for wisdom and a better life in general please read as much as you like and PLEASE give me feedback by either commenting on the post you read or using the contact form.

If you are interested in understanding and learning from the emerging 21st century (or contemporary) economy and business environment you will also find value in what I write.  I aim to contextualise the current changes occurring in the world of work, business and the economy specifically.  Within this context I focus on the consciousness, motivation, purpose, identity and fear of leaders at all levels.  The focus is on assisting leaders at all levels to develop their spiritual intelligence in order to connect themselves, team members and organisations to a higher purpose and accordingly be able to align action to this purpose.

I love working with and writing for individuals, entrepreneurs, startups and small to medium sized businesses because there tends to be more creativity, energy and freedom.  I do however have experience in the corporate environment and there are companies out there that are doing some amazing work.  In short: Although I prefer to align with entrepreneurs, startups and medium size companies I look for like-minded individuals and groups who seek a deeper life and how this translates into awesome businesses!

What’s your focus?  Maybe you need some help with that.  …I can help.  So, give me shout if you need to have a real conversation (also called coaching) or maybe you need someone to help your team or organisation focus on what really matters – I’m your guy.  It’s what I have been doing for the last decade on a personal and professional level.

Go from survive to alive today!