The Battle of the Egos

Many people see capitalism and business as evil.  …Understandably so.  Many leaders in business today are missing the point.  Business is there to serve society.  The future leader of business needs to be a fulfilled individual if he or she wants to truly lead for good and not greed.

True leaders cannot desire to have the power but to empower.

Cannot hold on but let go

No fear, just trust

No hole, just wholeness

Do you want to be part of an environment that is based on the projection of ego?  Do you want to work in, or lead, in a business world where there is a constant struggle to see who is best?
Where is the purpose?
Why do we do it?

Check your leadership motives today and if they are not aligned to greater purpose with spiritual intelligence make a plan to get yourself aligned to eternity.  Where are you going?

Go from survive to alive!