Blind Intelligence

I cannot believe how many people in business simply accept the current mediocre leadership culture.  I am utterly frustrated with the number of really smart people that will settle for second best when it comes to creating freedom.  Freedom?

Simple: free to choose when I work; free to choose where I work (and therefore skipping toxic exhaust fumes on my daily commute); free to choose how work gets structured (so that we can be creative and simply brilliant at what we do); free to choose how much time I spend travelling to interesting destinations; free to choose how I make a difference at home, work and everywhere my footsteps fall.

The sooner business owners realise that people no longer work FOR them but WITH them the sooner they will attract creative, future thinking, big picture dreaming human beings that are dedicated because of the joy and satisfaction that they share at work.  Just because someone pays my salary does not mean that they are my boss.

There is a storm coming.  The scientific management principles that has brought us to where we are will not take us into the future.