Coaching a Creative

I want to share the story of a creative that I coached a few years back.  Let’s call her Sally.  I met Sally in her early forties amidst career uncertainty.  She had so much potential and  talent, but felt that there was no way forward for her.  We decided to focus on identifying a core purpose so that she could start to look forward to new possibilities  (I didn’t know it at the time but she emigrated shortly and would need to refocus her career efforts abroad).

During our first meeting I simply engaged her on her past experience and unpacked her pessimistic view of her current situation.  We also looked at what she would like to accomplish through the coaching and set the tone and focus for our follow-up meeting.

In our second meeting we then focused solely on what her purpose is in order to reframe her abilities in terms of applied purpose, no matter where she is.  Sally felt sceptical at first because she has already attempted so many things.  What was obvious was that she was functional in every day and not depressed which meant that we could start working on alternative paradigms and world views.  We started by asking what all the the disappointments truly mean.  Did it indicate failure or rejection?  Or, did it indicate experience and clarity about positioning her strategically.

Once she was open to new possibilities and paradigms we could then shift (in session 3) to what her combined experiences actually indicated about her purpose.  In short, through a few more critical questions and feedback Sally came to a new position regarding her purpose that served her well in terms of adapting to new situations.

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