Expect Only the Best!

…This is what the world teaches us.  Aim for the big target: expect the best – go-on, you can do it!  But what the world will not tell you is that you first have to cleanse your heart of the desires that lead you astray.  If you don’t, you will run after, long for and breathe after the things that brings slow death.

There are many things that seem good,  but in fact will lead you to slowly destroy yourself from inside.  An empty world likes to keep you addicted to empty things that do not nourish the soul.  The world in all its emptiness needs you to stay this way so that it can fill you with shallow remedies.

This is stranger than fiction – it’s the truth!

This is most important for our current and future business and organisational leaders.  The questions that they need to deal with in order to accomplish the work they have been called to do are: Where do you come from?  Where are you going?  Who are you?  What motivates you?
We need leaders that are hungry enough to find the truth.  We need leaders with a high level of Spiritual Intelligence or we will continue to build our businesses, organisations and economy in honour of greed and perversion.

What is the best?  What should we aim for.  I urge all of us to keep seeking the deep answer and not avoid the fullness of life that comes with doing this unseen work.  It is the hardest, but it will take you from merely surviving to being truly alive.