Desiring Influence

Keep Exploring

I am learning a lot about myself at the moment.  I realise that I am not an INTJ personality type. I am an INFJ.  Yes, it is only one letter, but it makes a massive difference. As I shift I come to various insights. One of these insights is that I can now see how I naturally desire meaningful influence.

Ever since I was a boy I have been guided on this journey.  My parents were missionaries and teachers and everything they did they aligned to eternal purpose.  With hindsight I now connect how I have been trained to channel and release my natural desire for influence.  I want to make this world a better place. I help people connect with their Designer, and with themselves, in order to express their full potential.

Every person has a unique voice or unique offering.  USP, or unique selling proposition is what entrepreneurs call this.  I believe everyone has a YouSP.  Stated in a different way, everyone has a super power.  No, I am not losing it – I don’t where a red a blue outfit with a cape under my clothes.  I believe everyone has their bit of genius that can only be released in the eternal dance with God Himself!

Life is a process of becoming!  God wants to see us flourish in spirit and heart under any circumstance.   It is a long-term project and my job is to help you stay the path and keep growing.  This is the grand game of life eternal where you have to defeat the boss at every stage to level up.

Keep Growing

Life is a long-term project.  Life is not a linear process and therefore a cyclical process.  We get the opportunity to keep on growing through all the seasons of life.  The seasons of life repeats again and again.  With every season of life we have to choose to grow and live rather than give up and fail!
Real learning is a continuous and cyclical process.  Continuous growth is a consequence of continuous learning.

Purpose Guides and Directs the Learning

Settling in for the long-term because you know life is a long-term and cyclical process results in patience and peace.  To focus on the long-term and the certainty of growth gives you mind-space to ask better questions which results in the opportunity for purpose.  Furthermore, purpose redirects your attention to the long-term which results in greater patience.

So, once you activate your long-term vision and hunger for growth you can add purpose and focus your learning and growing so that your challenges in life have greater purpose and meaning.  This results in a life that sends forth ripples of influence.

As a result, this is one way you go from survive to alive!