Just Share the Passion

One of the greatest compliments I have ever gotten is one of the compliments I have overlooked for a long time.  It wasn’t until recently that I realised that this overlooked compliment is part of my super power.  Now, my dear friend, I can see the question mark on your forehead.  Let me share this simple little insight.

Passion is Contagious

Many years ago I was working with an epic entrepreneur that has worked with various individuals over they years in his various businesses.  After working with him for a few months he noted that my passion for life is really contagious.  At the time I thought it is something nice to say about me and I appreciated it.

It wasn’t until about two years ago that I realised that wherever I go I have a natural ability to inspire awe and appreciation for living.  Yes, I have been writing in Survive to Alive for a while, but progressively I have come to understand how my passion for living is contagious.  Everything else – all the coaching skills, facilitation tools and organisational interventions – is based on this.  I realised I can spread this passion for life by deliberately being contagious.  I just need to share the passion.

Catch a Warm

So, if my passion for life is contagious, I hope you and I make contact soon and that you will catch a warm (not a cold) form being in contact with me.  I hope your soul warms to your own possibility and potential.  I work really hard on a daily basis developing my craft of being contagious.  I coach, facilitate, teach, speak and write so that I can reach you with a simple message.  You have no idea how loved you are and what significance lies inside of you.

I hope that thought warms you right now as you read this.  I also hope that when you catch this warm you will truly get infected and act upon this idea.  Start dreaming about where you are heading and how significant your growth and contribution is.  May my journey through the desert serve you so that you can achieve greater heights of being.

Go from survive to alive.